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CPCS and other card providers have now phased out blue Competent Operator cards that have been gained through ‘Grandfather Rights’ As from 1 January 2020, and any cards issued through Grandfather Rights will be completely removed by 31 December 2024.

We are now taking bookings for the Competence Interview, all that is required is to call 01782284422 with your details to discuss your card application process.

 This requirement stretches across the entire Construction industry and every recognised card scheme, from 1 January 2020 all cards renewed under Industry Accreditation will expire on 31 December 2024 and we will completely stop issuing these cards from 30 June 2024.

If the cardholder has gained their blue Competent Operator card under Grandfather Rights, and they have not previously achieved a Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in certain Construction or Plant related occupations, they will have to achieve a NOCN CPCS Competence Interview by the 31 December 2024.

In the meantime, as cardholders come up for renewal from 1 January 2020 CPCS will still issue the card holder with a blue Competent Operator card – the cardholder will not be disadvantaged on site. All categories on this card will expire on 31 December 2024.

Once they have achieved their Competence Interview, a new smart card will be sent to the cardholder. The cost of the new card is included in the Competence Interview.

If the card holder has achieved a VQ in certain Construction or Plant related occupations – and there is evidence of this – they will not need to do anything further and CPCS will issue them a normal blue Competent Operator card.

If there is no evidence of the VQ, but one has been achieved, the cardholder can supply proof of their achievement, CPCS can either change the expiry date on the smart chip for free, or issue the cardholder with a new smart card at an administrative cost of £10.00.

The good news is:

We will help you to understand what is required and help you with the Competence Interview.

Dont delay in getting the Competence Interview completed, our Centre in Weston Coyney, Stoke on Trent is taking bookings now, For more information contact one of our team on 01782284422

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