Level 2
NVQ Level 2
Construction Card Manager Ltd was founded in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire in 2004,

Based upon an idea of the company founder Dave Mann who thought that companies who had numerous employees with either CSCS, CPCS, NPORS or other forms of proof of work experience could benefit from a service wherby all card holders or companies could be notified when cards were about to expire, require upgrading or renewing.
Now even more help is provided from 1st Jan 2020 to those who require clarification regarding the removal of Grandfather Rights to card holders,
CCM was established in 2004, and for over 15 years and being able to support the customer with the required Training, Testing and NVQ qualifications is also part of the established services, including the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) Re-Assessment for Utility workers,  Also available NPORS & CPCS testing for Plant Operators too, this is a big part of the companies activities, covering most parts of mainland UK and beyond in Training activities for many big companies.
Dave began his Plant Operating career in 1969 working for a local Plant hire company, having previously been working on the family farm he wanted to improve his employment opportunities, from that day in June 1969 when he first drove a JCB 3 on a local reservoir contract,( Where Dave is Pictured leaning on a JCB 3D )

over many years he progressed through the roles of operatating all types of plant on North Sea Oil & Gas Pipelines, Road Contracts and other projects as far away as the Shetland Isles in the North, then on to the Supervisory, Health & Safety / Training Advisor role on the Channel Tunnel and Channel Tunnel Rail Link including the Terminal 5 Heathrow in the South whilst being employed by a major Earthmoving Company in Essex, close to where Dave originated from, Being an Essex Boy so to speak was also a bit of a petrol head and still is.Part of Daves role was to train Plant Operators in all types of equipment and having experienced first hand himself on most types of Plant and Equipment there was a lot of experience to pass on,
In 1993 the opportunity to become what was then called a CTA Instructor, now renamed CPCS tester, with this qualification under his belt the carding of Plant Operators under the CTA scheme was available to the company Dave was employed at, this progressed through the 90s and at the turn of the century the main part of the work was either CTRL in Kent or T5 Heathrow, the requirment to get all the workforce qualified was a huge task with NVQ and general Training and Testing which at the time could be conducted on a safe location on site,

A few years later it felt like was time for Dave to depart and go his own way, after carefull consideration and a business plan in place Dave took the leap and has continued to pass on his experience and deliver qualifications of all levels with the 15 or more team members, Supplying Construction Training, Testing and NVQ Assessments with the team covering most parts of the UK and beyond.