Latest News Update:


NPORS is pleased to announce that it has been formally recognised by UKCG as an Accepted Record Scheme and will now be added to UKCG’s list of accepted record schemes. The UKCG is the primary association for major contractors operating in the UK and its members account for a third of UK construction total output.

Huw Jones NPORS Technical, Training & Standards Director said: “We’re extremely pleased with the UKCG’s decision to recognise the NPORS card, which we believe reflects the quality of NPORS training and its credibility within the industry.

The uptake of the NPORS card has increased significantly over recent years and the fact that our training will reach even further into the construction sector is excellent news for everyone connected to NPORS, as we all share the same goal of seeing standards continually raised in relation to the safe, competent use of plant machinery.”

Julie Senior NPORS Managing Director said: “This is a very significant development and is one which we are extremely proud of”.
This development is in addition to the launch of the redesigned NPORS Operator “smart card” which went live earlier this year. The new card has a QR code displayed on the front which when scanned with a QR reader will open up a web page that displays the following operator details; photograph, name, registration number, card expiry date, categories and qualifications held on the NPORS data base. Mrs Senior also said “this is a tremendous step forward for the NPORS card as it will enable site managers and supervisors to check in a matter of seconds the validity of an operator card by using a smartphone or tablet. We feel this will make the validating of operator cards an easier and more convenient process”.

So what does this mean? we at CCM are also pleased that there is now an acceptable alternative card scheme within the scope of Plant  Operators Budget, which will allow them to get into work to earn money, without forgetting the fact that proving their skills by easy understanding of scheme requirements for the operator, also thorough delivery of the operator testing procedure by the examiner is of utmost importance with nothing left out.

For more information on availaiblity of tests and costs please give our team a call on 01782 28 44 22.